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70% of your immune system is in your intestine - Colon hygiene affects EVERYTHING in you!


Due to lack of oxygen, exercise and a poor diet, our colons get sluggish and clogged. You rarely clean what you cannot see! You may have undigested materials putrefying your intestines and colon, slowly polluting your blood, lymph and tissues. This waste equates to a build-up of leftover toxins and mucous which is carried throughout the entire body, causing various diseases.


The active oxygen released by OxyFlush™ specifically designed to help the body scrub off toxins impacted in the intestinal and colon walls. By cleaning out the intestines, you enable yourself to get the maximum benefit from your food and supplements. The prevention of waste build-up also implies that you will loose some weight.


What is OxyFlush?

  • Vegetable-based capsules filled with natural minerals bonded to oxygen through a proprietary process.
  • Pure, natural oxygen and ozone bonded to magnesium.
  • Active oxygen species are released in your intestines and colon, turning materials and mucous into liquefied carbon dioxide and water, which is then gently eliminated.
  • OxyFlush™deliver the most thorough and gentle cleanse, because it complements the body’s natural process of oxidative digestion.
  • It does not cause muscle weakness or loss of electrolytes.
  • Mr. Oxygen®, Ed McCabe, the internationally renowned oxygen expert, personally designed this formula.



Eezehealth is proud to be the first to introduce the Mr. Oxygen® products online in South Africa.