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WHO IS  "Mr Oxygen" ED McCABE?

 Mr. McCabe holds a degree in Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts. He is a leading international author, lecturer, consultant, and promoter of Oxygen and Ozone Therapies. His ongoing involvement with advanced healing modalities encompasses a span of over 25 years. As a journalist, he solely focused upon studying Oxygen Therapies during 12 years of intensive investigation, research, experimentation, interviews, and travel. He has personally interviewed thousands of Oxygen Therapy users and suppliers. As a result, he is recognized and acclaimed as a top international expert on the subject of using oxygen and ozone for health and environmental improvement.


Flood Your Body with Oxygen by "Mr Oxygen" Ed McCabe
History's Best-Selling Oxygen Author

Ed McCabe has appeared on over 1,500 TV, radio, and lecture platforms. His 1988 bestseller Oxygen Therapies sold over 250,000 copies by word of mouth and without a major publisher! Obviously the people want what he has to say! Now, after 14 more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, "Mr. Oxygen," announces what is simply the best Oxygen Therapy book in history.

Flood Your Body with Oxygen honestly examines all the Oxygen Therapies and every issue surrounding their origin, their history, and their use. Flood Your Body includes a wealth of testimonials and available medical references and examines the therapies and their use in detail.

The most common cause of human death worldwide is anaerobic microbes
Disease can't live in oxygen! Anaerobic microorganisms cannot live in oxygen. Water borne anaerobes are the major cause of disease in the world today, yet they can be completely eliminated easily and inexpensively by putting special forms of oxygen in water.
  Here's the BIG SECRET not taught in our medical schools. Since our bodies are mostly water, and our cells love oxygen, we can safely and correctly put special forms of oxygen into and on our bodies. Once we get enough of this special oxygen inside us, what is stopping the oxygen from eliminating the vast majority of microbes causing our diseases, since they can't live in oxygen?
  This is not theory, and "Mr. Oxygen," Ed McCabe, offers you more than one hundred years' worth of European and American research, testing, and application of various forms of oxygen as his proof. Applied properly, we could safely and easily get rid of most diseases being suffered by the inhabitants of the poorest and richest nations of the world. This book reveals practical methods used for removing major causes of human suffering and disease.

The most common cause of animal disease worldwide is anaerobic microbes
  Animals (our pets, and those making up our food supply) get sick just like we do. They also can transmit disease and parasites to us. Just like in humans, anaerobic microbes are the main cause of disease in animals. Putting special forms of oxygen into them can eliminate their animal diseases simply and inexpensively. Very sick animals given up for dead, or whose immune systems were "burnt out" from antibiotics and other over-medication, are routinely being returned to complete health. Many owners give their animals special oxygen supplements and report their animals never get sick. Discover the methods for removing the major causes of animal diseases.

The most common cause of crop and plant disease worldwide is lack of oxygen
  Plants, houseplants, crops, our food, vegetables, and fruits only live because they have aerobic (oxygen-loving) bacteria clinging to their roots. These bacteria digest the soils around them in order to transport the soil's minerals into the plants so they can grow and live. The more special forms of oxygen we give them, the more these bacteria proliferate, and the more minerals that go into the plants, the bigger and more disease-resistant the plants become. Knowledgeable gardeners, farmers, and commercial growers commonly feed their plants special forms of oxygen. You will learn how to remove the major causes of plant disease and food shortages.