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OxySilTM   For Beauty and Health


We are born with a supply of Silica that our bodies must have. Silica is the second most abundant element on earth. Our supply of it dwindles with age. Silica is scarce in our foods yet necessary for strong luxuriant hair, nails and skin. Our bones, arteries, immune system, and connective tissue must have Silica as well, especially our blood vessels and heart tissues as we get older, and our diets do not have enough.


In the human body, silica is essential for bone formation and connective tissue. Healthy hair, skin, nails and flexible arteries would be impossible without silica. Supplementing our silica intake on a regular basis may be extremely beneficial.

Silica supplementation can increase collagen 1 (one) in growing bones. Everyone at every age may benefit from this kind of bone support. As our bodies age they use increased levels of silica but are not able to replenish it as quickly or as easily as when we were young. Silica supplementation becomes increasingly more critical as we get older. This might allow the potential re-mineralization of bone and could aid in increasing cartilage between joints. As silica levels increase, the body could use it to increase vascular support and restore the integrity of connective tissue. Silica, when sufficient, may also retard the aging process due to immune system support. We cannot and do not make any health claims. Please ask your doctor about the cellular necessity of Silica in the human body.

Silica loss in humans differs according to individual metabolism and nutritional habits. It averages 10 mg to 40 mg per 24-hour period. Silica loss is constant and unavoidable. It should be factored into any supplementation program. All in all, our bodies need silica to keep them repaired and to maintain health and vitality.

There are many reasons for silica supplementation, and we have a silica-rich, superior product - OxySilTM!


Considering the role that silica plays in maintaining the youthful appearance of hair, skin, and nails and its many valuable functions in disease prevention.  Silica is one of those elements whose list of benefits keeps growing as time passes. Silica is the second most prevalent element on earth, behind oxygen. In its crystalline form, silicon (or quartz crystals), is the most abundant element in the earth's crust. When found in plant life, its called silica. Silica is essential in bones, tendons, skin, cartilage and blood vessels. Silica is even found in the blood itself, and in such critical organs as the liver, heart and lungs.

Silica was recognized by the health and science community as an essential trace element in 1972. Research on this remarkable element continues, but a study in 1990 found it an absolute necessity for the proper function of skin, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Silica supplements are taken regularly by millions of people to strengthen and improve their bones, connective tissue, hair, and skin. OxySilTM is an excellent way to supplement this most important substance.

Silica adds strength and flexibility. It's obvious why strength and flexibility are essential to skin and bones. It's also important to know that silica supports blood vessel health, making it extremely important in supporting heart health.
Taken orally, silica is easily absorbed via the intestinal wall. It is also rapidly and easily excreted; so regular, daily supplementation is important. Because it is water soluble, it does not "build up" in the body. No studies have found any negative effects of "too much" silica. Regular supplementation could make a significant difference in the quality of your life during later years.